We tend to focus on our own area, but in fact many practices are common to all creative work. What we need to do is look beyond the specifics of whatever it is we're doing, and focus on the creative process itself. This is what The Mechanics of Inspiration is all about! Read More>>
With an exciting in mind, the first we set out to do was to make sure it was technically possible. This is the first and very unassuming version of App Space... Read More>>
So proud to share with you the process of making my first Android app, App Space! A lot of people are developing mobile apps these days, or have plans to; if you’re one of them, I hope this will help you with the process of the making your own app. First, here’s what you need to know about App Space... Read More>>

Digital Scuplting: Top Time-Lapse Examples

Posted: 13th December 2012 by doronmeir in Process
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A few great time-lapse videos showing the process of digital sculpting. Read More>>

5 ways to re-charge your inspiration

Posted: 7th December 2012 by doronmeir in Articles, Tips
Feeling a bit down on your inspiration? Do you often find yourself staring at a blank page? Has it been a while since you really enjoyed creating anything? Here are five tried-and-tested tips that will recharge your inspiration almost instantly. Read More>>

Why having fun should be one of your goals as an artist

Posted: 25th November 2012 by doronmeir in Articles, Excerpt, Tips
This is an excerpt from my book, "The Mechanics of Inspiration". I'm publishing it here in response to a great post titled Crappy First Drafts of Great Books. Read More>>

Portugal / Cyril Pedrosa

Posted: 25th September 2012 by doronmeir in Links, Process
A few weeks ago I’ve been to Paris. I bought a beautiful comics book called “Portugal”. I’m very happy with this book – he does a great job creating a constantly changing landscape of atmospheres. Here’s a video with some ‘screenshots’ of the book… And a ‘making of’ video (the beginning is kinda slow, skip... Read More>>

Process of Pros: Brian Kesinger

Posted: 18th August 2012 by doronmeir in Process
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Brian Kesinger is a concept, layout, storyboard and comics artist who worked on several Disney features and shorts, including 'Tarzan', 'Bolt, 'Tangled' and others. I stumbled upon his awesome 'Tea Girls' site and found a lot of inspiration in his loose, tea-stained steampunk sketches. Read More>>
I think there’s something to learn from the evolution of this quick-sketch. Read More>>

Concept: Choose, don’t mix

Posted: 11th August 2012 by doronmeir in Articles, Tips
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Never force good ideas to combine. Ideas that fit together will attract each other naturally; if they don’t, don’t make them. Get used to letting great ideas go. Read More>>

Process of Pros: Ruben Procopio

Posted: 3rd August 2012 by doronmeir in Process
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I've been following Ruben Procopio's work for some years now. He designs and sculpts Maquettes and action figures for several companies, focusing mainly on classic Disney characters and comics superheroes. He also makes cover art for comic books (and I think I saw some storyboards, too). Read More>>