Portugal / Cyril Pedrosa

Posted: 25th September 2012 by doronmeir in Links, Process

portugal Portugal / Cyril Pedrosa

A few weeks ago I’ve been to Paris. I bought a beautiful comics book called “Portugal”. I’m very happy with this book – he does a great job creating a constantly changing landscape of atmospheres. Here’s a video with some ‘screenshots’ of the book…

And a ‘making of’ video (the beginning is kinda slow, skip forward a bit of you find it boring).

Here’s a creative process entry from his blog.

  1. Holbé says:

    Portugal is a book about family and unspoken. The principal character is looking at him through his own family far away story. With this trip, he’s recovering his own path.
    Sorry my english is terrible.

    • doronmeir says:

      Your English is much better than my French, let me tell you :) Thanks for commenting! I think you know Cyril personally… Please tell him I’m really enjoying “Portugal”. The art is incredible. I wish it was available in English!

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